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    One more step than the customer's imagination, and every service becomes the customer's touch.

    We make it better

    Chen Yuan pump carries the mission of bringing benefits to human health with the spirit of carrying forward virtue and human resources. The harmonious development of man and nature is a good vision for sustainable development.

    Go all out to cast the new brilliance of the pump industry

    About us

    Create a quality solution to become a common choice among thousands of households.

    Enterprise introduction

    Chen Yuan pump technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the development and design of fluid mechanical pumps, oil pumps, switches, hardware tools and other development, production and sales, installation and maintenance, upgrading and upgrading.

    corporate culture

    1. The place where there is life is the passion of the minister. 2, become the leader of small and medium sized fluid equipment design in the world. 3, let beautiful happen at any time, let move everywhere.

    Brand story

    I am a fluid designer. I grew up from the bottom. In the water pump market, I find that many people pursue the so-called interests, but forget the bottom line of morality. A flashy pump,

    Enterprise propaganda film

    Let the fluid move with the heart and make it easy to realize

    Independent research and development project of Chen Yuan

    The company has long focused on technology research and development and independent innovation, and its technology has reached the leading level in China.

    Shielded mute booster pump

    Variable frequency constant pressure pump

    Computer self-priming pump

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